Return refund &Exchange Policy

Whatever the reason,Mang-BBQ is here to help and we have a 60-day return policy for easy returns and free exchanges. For returns, please send back eligible items within 60 days of receiving your package for a free exchange for a refund in a different color or compartment, minus the cost of shipping and handling the return label, by using the return label within 60 days of receiving the purchase price. To exchange an item, simply receive the same item in the size of the shipment. If your exchange charges these additional fees. Payment methods other than credit card may result in additional merchandise requests resulting in any item or shipping charges, and if you paid by credit card, your credit card will be issued to cancel the order and a refund may be issued. If the requested exchange item is no longer available, including items on waiting lists and pre-ordered items,Mang-BBQ will issue a refund. If an item is returned toMang-BBQ due to a defect,Mang-BBQ is in error, or an exchange/exchange is requested,Mang-BBQ will refund the shipping and handling charges.
Even if you do not have your item in its original box, returning it atMang-BBQ is simple and easy. To get started, fill out the return form on the packing slip when you first received your item. Tell us the reason for your return and repackage the product in its original packaging, including each individual item, if applicable. If you do not have your original packing slip, print a new one from the order status page of
Now that yourMang-BBQ is packaged, it's time to decide how to ship your items. You can use the return label from your original shipment, or you can utilize the shipping provider of your choice (such as UPS or FedEx). If you are returning yourMang-BBQ merchandise for a refund, the credit will be applied at the time your return is processed, but may not appear on your credit card statement immediately. You can also arrange USPS pickup for your return. All returns, regardless of shipping carrier, can be tracked on the order status page at